I help your child have better behavior!
Eat, sleep, potty train, read
Decrease tantrums, anxiety
in as little as 2 weeks!
Out of Autism
Nonverbal kids talk

Success Stories

Happy families, happy kids! You too can be one!


No language, extremely shy, not potty trained, cried all the time, seemed very sad. In special education class before my program. 

AFTER: In 3 months!

She spoke in complete sentences separating Vietnamese and English! Very Social, engaged, friendly, potty trained, Went on to high achieving parochial school.


Very Little language, He fell down a lot, tantrums, meltdowns, didn’t notice other children, didn’t know how to play, transitions were hard, ate limited diet, low tone, slow processing, in special education before my program..


AFTER: In 3 months! 

Super Kid! Leader in public education classroom, talks up a storm, social, is a great friend, cares about others feelings, is helping other kids to talk, socialize, and learn to play!

Want to learn how to stop Tantrums faster without yelling?


For parents & professionals looking for what really works to get some calm in your home. 

Make the NEWBORN & TODDLER stage easier for you & happier for them!

Learn MoreAre you worried you are not doing your best to help your baby?

Are you frustrated with your baby’s sleeping, eating, pooping, inability to detach from you or cries all the time?

Is your toddler behind in development? Potty training? Talking? Playing?

Do you wish you could get to the underlying issues so your baby is happy, content with optimal development?

Help for your CHILD which will create happier kids and calmer homes!

Are you frustrated with your child’s social, sensory, speech, behavior issues, motivation or tech addiction?

Do you wish you could get to the underlying issues and see faster results?

Your child can reach their True Potential, have a more compelling future, be in a better mood, living the life you knew you all could live. Learn More

Help your TEEN excel & create a better connection with them!

Does your teen have perplexing behaviors and you want more than answers you want results?

Do you want to bully proof and peer proof your teen to motivate them to make healthy choices? Learn More

Why work with
Becky Blake?

You are struggling with your child? Eat? Sleep? Tantrums? Learning? For 40+ years Becky Blake has been on the ground working with kids, researching, figuring out kids behavior. Her neuro-scientifically based programs will give you a new perspective on your child’s behavior, plug in missing pieces of development, which even allow non verbal children to talk in as little as 2 days, better behavior in 2 weeks, and BREAK THROUGH social, speech, sensory and behavior barriers that were holding them back in 3 – 6 months.

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So your child has some issues and your home is chaotic.
I am here to help. How would you like to learn how to best help your child, at all ages, stages, abilities from a Mom / Professional that has been there and can get you results.

Unlock Your Child’s True Potential Ebook

The information in this book will give you strategies to use right away and a new way to look at all behavior, to finally understand the root causes, the WHAT, and WHY to get better behavior.
Stop struggling and understand how to best help, what to truly focus on in order to create the gains you want your child to achieve.
This is written by a mom with children with unique needs that also has unique needs herself (social, sensory, learning disabilities, food issues, brain injury).

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This new neuro-scientific information works with anybody with a brain, body, nervous system. All ages, stages, abilities.

After 40+ years of work, research, helping herself, her own children, and 1000’s of children and adults around the world you too know have access to some amazing tools, techniques with fun, laughter and quick results.