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I have used this approach now for 8 years and have been able to get non verbal kids to talk in as little as 2 days. Children have better behavior, read and even potty train in as little as 2 weeks. You can see breakthroughs with social, sensory, speech barriers, Autism, SPD, and ADHD in as little as 3 to 6 months.

Unlock Your Child's TRUE Potential: 5 Keys to Unlock Autism & Sensory Processing Disorder

For only a small amount, you can help children reach their true potential creating the most compelling futures possible after reading my book:

Attention: Parents, Grandparents, Special Education Teachers, Mainstream Educators (since they have more children with special needs in their classrooms), Therapists, Persons on the spectrum or with SPD or ADHD

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I am a parent of three children that USED to have Autism, Bipolar, food and sensory issues. It took me 20 years to figure this out but I did, and now my children are thriving adults. Don’t go through what I went through with my daughter and twin boys! I experienced isolation, frustration, confusion, and parent guilt.

I even bought my own school in order to do this work and write this book. I have helped 1000’s of parents and created online programs for parents and teachers. This book is everything I teach to parents and teachers at public speaking engagements so they can look at behavior with new eyes, learn how to recognize and lower stress and how to get the most out of their children and students.


Buy this book today and get renewed hope and a new way to look at all behavior, to finally understand the root cause, the WHAT and WHY. Stop struggling and understand how to best help, what to truly focus on in order to create the gains you want to achieve. This is written by a mom with children with special needs that also has special needs herself (sensory, learning disabilities, food issues).

This book will help you to...

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Get the eBook for $29.00 today!