Little to no language.

2 days a week, 2 1/2 hours a day working with Becky. Afterwards she spoke in complete sentences in Vietnamese and in English! Went to high achieving parochial school.

Very Little language, a lot of gibberish and favorite movie repeat. He fell down all the time, lots of flare ups (tantrums), didn’t notice other children, didn’t do art (sensory stuff), transitions were extremely hard for him, ate limited diet, low tone.

Super Kid! Leader in public education classroom, talks up a storm, is a great friend, cares about others feelings, is helping other kids to talk, socialize, and learn to play!

Kicked out of public school for aggressive behavior.

Look at those eyes! They are both looking at you! There was definitely a vision issue here. He is playing nice with other kids, using his words instead of his fists, even was able to get a hamster at home.

Neuro Typical Child Rigid, needed to do everything herself, slow processing speed, transitions were hard, not yet potty trained.

Great Kid! Empathetic, great thinker, loves art, friends, playing, leader, go getter!

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